Aug 02

Mission & Quality

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BIZTARI’s mission is to clearly promote client value, distinguished by our emphasis on mapping business goals and objectives to technological infrastructure needs. BIZTARI accomplishes this through our unique knowledge system that includes people (experts, experiences, and their intellectual knowledge), automated tools (objective tool sets that measure metrics), and processes (proven methodologies).

BIZTARI assists its clients in the design, deployment, and management of enterprise communication networks and their supporting business practices and processes, resulting in the most reliable, stable, operable and manageable networks in the world.


In any organization with a conventional quality attitude, it is always easy to blame problems on someone else. At the same time, the key players spend a lot of time and energy trying to make sure the problem can't be pinned on them.

An organization that manages quality does not treat problems so simplistically. Management has to grab the problems by the horns and wrestle the organization, rather than specific individuals, into conformance. That means problem solving instead of finger pointing; genuine teamwork rather than empire building; constant dissatisfaction with the status quo; and ongoing action for continual organizational—and quality improvement.


Improving organizations requires new ways of thinking about people, rewards, information, structure, tasks, and decisions. The bureaucratic model, characterized by an emphasis on control, consistency, and chain of command, is limited in its ability to respond to today's rapidly changing market. It lacks the employee commitment or the efficiency of organizations needed to produce high levels of productivity, quality, and service. A shift in our paradigm of organizations is necessary in order to align the people, rewards, information, structure, tasks, and decisions with customer expectations and the needs of the marketplace. We want to be an organization that focuses on all of our capabilities.


In any project, we will do professional planning on the implementation. Deliverables will be the most focused base asset in the project. End to end support services will ensure the quality and timeline monitoring. Projection on what’s next, create smooth project management. We will always strive to deliver the best in services as “Customer Satisfaction is Always the First PRIORITY”.




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