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Managed Services

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BIZTARI Managed Service (BMS) is the practice of transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations. The person or organization that owns or has direct oversight of the organization or system being managed is referred to as the offerer, client, or customer. The person or organization that accepts and provides the managed service is regarded as the service provider.

The offerer remains accountable for the functionality and performance of managed service and does not relinquish the overall management responsibility of the organization or system.

BMS aspires to become premiere global ICT Infrastructure solutions provider by providing world-class managed services. BMS draws its strength from innovative and integrated ICT infrastructure solutions which are based from proven and reliabile technology, cost-effective, customer-driven and empowered by global best practices.

BMS lives by its philosophy to be the trusted partner for its customer’s business transformation while continuously striving towards organizational excellence. This state-of-the-art data center facility is now available for current and future customers to ensure better governance of customer’s data management. Combined with the fully redundant and high availability managed network infrastructure, BMS intends to provide a full breadth of ICT infrastructure solutions.



About Us

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BIZTARI TECHNOCRAFT SDN BHD was founded in 2003 by a group of talented and highly competent IT professionals with over 10 man years of experience in IT Network, Telecommunications, Structured Cabling System, Applications and Operating Systems. BIZTARI has always been clear on its vision in providing every organisation the perfect master plan over its data resources, excellent IT infrastructure and efficient application.


These past years, BIZTARI has emerged in gaining to become one of the leading IT network consultants and solutions providers throughout Malaysia. We offer customers the link that helps them increase productivity and profitability. As an IT network consultant and solutions provider, we clearly acknowledge that each organisation has its unique business requirement. Before we design a solution, we would want to fully understand a customer’s needs environment and business growth plan for the near future. These findings are then translated into solutions that closely match the customer’s requirements, one that not only optimises the utilisation of computing resources but also provides room for the future business expansion plan.

To provide our customers the convenience of a one-stop service centre for their network requirements, we have tailored a comprehensive suite of IT network consulting services. BIZTARI Consulting Services (BCS) are supported by a robust infrastructure and a network of dedicated professionals. BIZTARI boasts an impressive growth record that can be attributed to a company-wide commitment to stringent quality, standards, efficient customer service and a cost effective IT network and solutions. We hope to satisfy the needs of our customers with flexibility, top quality service and competitive price.

A company which makes Networking as the bread and butter believes that as the core of the technology, Networking will create a very substantial contribution the company. Market demand will cover the whole segment of the networking world with high value of deployments. Through the year, BIZTARI Group has participated in development, trading, construction works, training and many other businesses to meet the needs and objectives of the society and the Government. As a new company in BIZTARI Group, BIZTARI TECHNOCRAFT SDN BHD was established to focus on IT infrastructure and development. We have progressed from a company capable only of doing small-subsidized jobs to one which is now able to undertake an assortment of projects. Registering with the Ministry of Finance allowed BIZTARI TECHNOCRAFT SDN BHD to grow and open its eyes to the projection of the true potential that IT infrastructure has, as one of the constituents to the needs of this successful nation.




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Value & Vission

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Values are the fabric of the organization. Values describe what we believe in. Values are the root system for our staff’s behavior and the basis for autonomous action by empowered employees. They are the expectations that we hold in common and are reflected in our goals.

BIZTARI's guiding values are:

  1. We value intellectual vitality, which is characterized by creativity, knowledge, curiosity, aesthetics, critical thinking, and wisdom.
  2. We value intellectual and technical freedom, dialogue, and the free exchange of technical ideas without embedded technical prejudices.
  3. We value the freedom to examine diverse and controversial technical ideas, methods, and processes.
  4. We value change in synchronization with emerging client's stated and unstated needs.
  5. We value the ability to recognize and assimilate changes in the communication technology marketplace.
  6. We value a "get it done" attitude fostering company loyalty with a fiercely competitive spirit.
  7. We value excellence in all of our endeavors. The continuous improvement of quality is essential in achieving excellence.
  8. We value an ethical, caring, and diverse organization which is characterized by honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, empathy, equal opportunity, trust and civility.
  9. We value individual well being, which is characterized by the development and health of the body, mind, and spirit.



BIZTARI shall be an organization that nurtures an environment of technical vitality. A commitment to excellence through continuous improvement will result in global recognition for BIZTARI as an innovative, dynamic, and knowledge rich organization in which our staff and clients can learn and prosper. BIZTARI will define the standards for technical competency, create a client-centered focus partnership, deploy and develop a world class consulting-engineering faculty, and deliver excellent service.



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